The Truth About Robert Martin, KK5TC



Robert Martin is no stranger to controversy. Many of you may remember when he held a fundraiser at the Belton Hamfest a couple of years ago selling donated ham radios for Homes for our Troops. He was caught red-handed pocketing half of the proceeds.

So, if he will deny proceeds of a fundraiser for wounded warriors, I guess anything is possible. The American Gregory A. Foster may very well be the goat. Being a goat is bad enough, but who would possibly want to be Robert Martin's goat?

So, we compiled a list of questions for members of the news media, the Republican National Committee, and/or the Democratic National Committee to ask the American Gregory A. Foster, in the interest of transparency and full disclosure.

1. Mr. Foster states he created his own business in 1992, it was incorporated in 1993, and the business acquired nonprofit status in 1996. What is the name of this business, where is it physically located, and how much annual salary does Mr. Foster earn from the management of this business? What goods are produced or services does this business provide? How many people are employed, and how much is he paying them in comparison to other non-profit corporations of the same class?

2. Has Mr. Foster had any judgments or rulings against him for tax evasion by the Internal Revenue Service? What is his relationship to Bob and Diane Williams with regard to this?

3. What is the highest level of diploma or degree has Mr. Foster earned?

4. Is Mr. Foster a registered voter? In what elections has he cast a ballot?

5. His website mentions joining Ted Cruz by making a donation. Has Ted Cruz donated and is supporting American Gregory A Foster, Independent Conservative candidate for President of the United States of America? Why would a candidate running for the identical office support monetarily another competing candidate?

6. On his campaign website, American Gregory A. Foster states, "Our current immigration policy is broken. I want immigration reform. If a person under the age of 18 makes it here illegally, and their relatives or family in this country cannot be contacted, they may be shipped back to their country of origin."

If a person is over the age of 18 and makes it here illegally, does this mean they will not be shipped back to their country of origin? If the relatives or family of an illegal alien under the age of 18 in this country can be contacted, does this mean they can stay here? Isn't 18 the minimum age to vote? Does he realize that immigration reform is a euphemism for amnesty?

7. American Gregory A. Foster also states, "The upcoming Social Security collapse is an important issue that must be dealt with. My proposed solution is that we sell the oil near the Gulf of Mexico at a market rate, just as everyone else sells to avoid undercutting anyone. The government must stay out of this marketplace."

Aren't we already selling oil near the Gulf of Mexico at market rates? Or is he  suggesting the Government should seize the oil and sell it at market rates, using the profit of such sale to revitalize Social Security. Wouldn't this be a socialization of the petroleum industry, just as Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela?

8. How many speaking engagements has American Gregory A. Foster attended, when did they occur, where were they located, and which members of the press were present?

9. On each and every page of his website, American Gregory A. Foster is asking for donations. Are these donations directed to an account administered by his declared campaign treasurer, political action committee, or for his own personal enrichment?

10. Why does American Gregory A. Foster support the Fair Tax when this will cause a 38% sales tax to be levied on goods and services sold in Texas, and will have a negative impact on the poor and disadvantaged. This will have no impact on states that charge a state income tax against residents, so the potential tax rate in those locales could increase to 45%. Can you imagine the impact of someone earning minimum wage to lose 38-45% of that to compulsory government taxation.

11. Will American Gregory A. Foster release his Federal Income Tax returns for the past five years, as have every other Presidential candidate?

What is American Gregory A. Foster's annual tax liability?

12. Has American Gregory A. Foster ever visited a FEMA Camp?

13. How will American Gregory A. Foster return the United States to the gold standard, and how will "petrol dollars" by used to pay back the national debt? Does using "petrol dollars" have anything to do with the government seizure and socialization of the petroleum industry?

14. Why specifically does American Gregory A. Foster "support the Philippines 100 percent?" If he supports the Philippines 100%, does this mean he supports the United States of America 0%?

15. Is it true that both Mark Levin and Sean Hannity demanded that American Gregory A. Foster remove the unauthorized use of their names from his website as potential running mates?

16. Does the American Gregory A. Foster have a personal relationship with marijuana? Does the American Gregory A. Foster have a personal relationship with our social welfare system? 

17. Does the American Gregory A. Foster realize that "V Star" is a Chinese buffet restaurant on the Gulf Freeway in Houston, Texas? Will campaign donations be used to pay for his personal meals at the V Star Chinese Buffet, or any other all-you-can-eat restaurants?

18. Why has the American Gregory A. Foster refused to release his tax return(s) for 2014 (or previous years), showing earned income from employment?

19. Why does the American Gregory A. Foster now offer a "refund policy?"