The Truth About Robert Martin 

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How can you tell if Robert Martin, KK5TC is lying? His lips are moving. By the way, in case you were wondering, KK5TC doesn't like White folks. At all.

First, here's a post by Robert Martin on the Worldwide DX Forum:

"Let Me say that Ham radio has been a loved hobby of mine for over 20 years, I the founder of South East Texas Amateur Club, I ran the hi5ers freindship net for 10 years, Area directer of OMIK for 2 years, in my years of active participation of Amateur radio ,I have spearheaded fund raisers for Homes for our troops, The volunteers fire department in texas, area repeaters, and many others, I can go on and on about me , but let's talk about N5JXM as I don't want to see what he has done to some happen to anyone, N5JXM stole a vertical out the back of kc5vae's truck, He glued together a bugcatcher and sold it to kb5lke, He has swindled a lot of people, He has taken my call sign and registard it as a domain and 1st directed it to a kkk website, he still has the domain name and is now directed to a rant of lies about me, he has been barred from using any of the saltgrass repeaters for using racist and derogitory comments. the list of this guy goes on and on.

Please be careful if you hear this guy on the air, and yes I can back up everything I'm saying as true.

73 de KK5TC"

A rant of lies? Seems like the only lies are coming from Robert Martin himself. Let's look at 25 of them, with his words quoted verbatim and enclosed in quotation marks:

1. "N5JXM was offering a Dstar repeater for sale"  N5JXM never had a D-Star repeater for sale.

2. "The ham did meet with N5JXM just to hear what he had to offer"  What is this ham's name?

3. "he was offering partnership in a hotshot business"  N5JXM never offered a partnership. What is your friend's name?

4. "We found it was a scam conjoured by N5JXM"  What proof do you have that N5JXM was offering a partnership?

5. "He stole an antenna out of the back of KC5VAE's truck."  What is the filing number of the police report alleging theft?

6. "Mr. Butterworth Glued this antenna back together and sold it to KB5LKE, LKE is a well known and respected ham in the Houston area ,A retired deputy constable, and He will be more than happy to tell you the truth about N5JXM"  Why hasn't Deputy Smith provided a written statement regarding this incident? After all, you clearly state that he would be more than happy to do so, and the word of a Deputy Constable should be beyond reproach.

7. "He was barred from using any of the SaltGrass repeaters"  Show me a written statement by Steve White, WB5UGT, the owner and licensee of the Saltgrass Link System, stating this.

8. "Everyone know's The persons responsable for the SaltGrass going down were N5FSJ, N5JXM, and WN5P bottom line."  Prove this.

9. "These were the people on the access list and the contract with the building."  Show me the contract signed by N5FSJ, N5JXM, and WN5P.

10. "And not only did they jepordize the SaltGrass, they also Jepordized the ARIES repeater and several other's."  Show me how someone could jeopardize the Saltgrass Link System, if they had no contact whatsoever with the building upon which the system is located? By the way, what is an ARIES repeater?

11. "His son has did time for beating his wife"  Can you offer proof of this? By the way, you really ought to provide evidence that he was married first, because I believe that's a prerequisite to being charged with beating your wife.

12. "he [WN5P] is a crook"  Please provide evidence that Robert Coyle, WN5P, has been tried and convicted of theft.

13. He uses N5FSJ to play the blind card on site owner's"  What are the names of these site owners and the addresses of their sites? What is a "blind card?" Is that anything like the "race card" that you deal from your deck, Robert?

14. "Robert never did pass a ham radio exam"  Show me your proof.

15. "He holds a commercial license that automaticaly grant's him a ham ticket"  What section of Part 97 provides for this?

16. WN5P had a penpal in Georgia that was incarcerated there for murdering her husband and dumberer married her"  What is his name? By the way, you really ought to provide evidence that she was married first, because I believe that's a rerequisite for being charged with killing her husband.

17. "He has been kicked off the SaltGras as has Gregg N5FSJ and Bill N5JXM"  Show me a written statement from Steve White, WB5UGT, the owner and licensee of the Saltgrass Link System, stating this.

18. "The sad thing is, WN5P was just as involved in these scams"  Please show me evidence that Robert Coyle, WN5P, was involved with a scam. A police report will do nicely, and those are available at the police station.

19. "I don't think Gregg would have been kicked out of Corpus Christi for that scam had Law enforcement known"  Please show me evidence that Greg Foster, N5FSJ, was banished by law enforcement from Corpus Christi.

20. "And yes They did try to con an unsuspecting ham into stealing equipment from the repeater site,"  What equipment was stolen, what was the name of the ham who stole the equipment, and where is the police report documenting this theft?

21. "Watch it, He [KB5ELT] doesn't wash his hands after changing his diaper"  Where is your proof that Tom White wears a diaper? How do you know he doesn't wash his hands? Do you have fantasies about Tom White wearing a diaper?

22. "This is Expired call WN5P Robert Coyle."  Prove that his license has expired.

23. "REMEMBER!! His call has expired"  Prove that his license has expired.

24. "If you look up his call sign, you will see that it is expired."  Prove that Robert Coyle's license has expired.

25. "HE IS NO HAM RADIO OPERATOR"  Prove that Robert Coyle doesn't hold the credentials of a ham radio operator.